Welcome! I’m Katie and I am a children’s book author and licensed professional counselor.

My life is full of stories. The stories we hear and the stories we tell have a great impact on who we become. My hope for my children and yours is that their lives are full of meaningful stories that help them know their worth, offer hope, and encourage creativity and delight.

My first picture book, From Your Head to Your Toes, is now available!! It officially released on Dec. 1st. I can’t wait for you to have it in your hands!

“To step through the looking glass, to pass through the wardrobe into Narnia, to attend the birthday party of Bilbo Baggins is to reenter the world of childhood more fully than is possible any other way. It is not just a matter of being reminded how strange and new and promising everything was back then, but of experiencing it all over again…

…To us, as to the child, the happy ending always comes as an unexpected gift from on high. It is the deepest truth that children’s books have to tell. Possibly it is the deepest truth there is.”

– Frederick Buechner, originally published in Beyond Words